ARMONNA has a full range of home textile products and its accessories in matching groups or sets. Such as various stylish curtain, upholstery, Classical - Avangarte / Modern furniture, office furniture, decorative glassware, decorative pillow, pillow, pillow case, quilt, quilt cover set, bed sheet, bed spread apparel and its accessories are also within the business scope.

We owned factory specialized in home textiles. Therfore, we can supply goods with high quality and latest design.

Beside of being Home Textile manufacturer, Armonna’s Interior Architect do decoration and design on international projects such as villas, houses, residential, hotels and healthcare. We have brillant  references In Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA.

The market is changing constantly, and the customer demand is forever increasing. 

As an exporting of great fame, we own a devoted and professional project, marketing and sales team to follow our clients and international projects to design houses, offices, villas, courts, medical cares, hospitals, govermental residence. We travel for international projects. We are of our international references such as in Libya, Senegal, Nigeria.

As Armonna, we produce HOME TEXTILE PRODUCTS ;

Classical - Avangarte / Modern Furniture, Office Furnitures.



Decorative Glassware.

Duvet / Duvet cover / Bed Sheet / Pillow / Pillow Case.

Decorative Pillow.

Armonna  brings easthetic, design and quality together in all of its products.

ARMONNA aim is to produce high quality products since its establishment. These products especially awake the sense of touch, and satisfy the needs of purification and relief, thus bring the positive energy of naturality to our customers. 

Our main aim is the satisfaction of our customers with the quality of product and the production we provide. What differentiate Armonna, is its high quality concept, and honesty which is appreciated worldwide. 

As a Home Textile manufacturer, our R&D and advanced technological processes ensure Home Textile products are appropriately designed for cross-industry usage from Houses, Hotels to Healthcare.

We are interested in new international projects to design houses, offices, villas, courts, medical cares, hospitals, govermental residence all over the world.

Therefore, we are looking for new global partners to represent our philosophy and products in their market.